Jasol Grease Grafit

Graphite grease Jasol Grease Grafit

Graphite grease Jasol Grease Grafit calcium grease containing the lead, intended for the lubrication of car
springs, saddles of lorries and toothed gear transmissions switched on, worm gears, threads of
screws exposed to corroding action, chains and other strongly burdened knots of the friction
working in temperature ranges from -20 to +60 of degrees Celsius. Applied as typical
assembly grease can be. He cannot be applied in roller bearings and precise other
mechanisms. Jasol Grease Graphite is resistant to the action of water.

Standards, specifications



Jasol Grease Grafit

Worked penetration at 25°C, [0,1 mm] 265
Dropping point [oC] 83
Water content, [%] 2,0
Oil seperation from grease 100°C/24h, [%] 3,5


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