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Jasol Grease ŁT 43

Grease for bearings Jasol Grease ŁT 43

Grease for bearings Jasol Grease ŁT 43 the lithium grease intended for the lubrication of roller bearings and sliding of all machines working in temperature ranges from -30 to +130 of degrees Celsius. He is also
being recommended for use in the household e.g. for the lubrication of associations rubbing in
bicycles, motorbikes, garden and home-grown devices, for the lubrication of screws, hinges of
the door, gates and the like. Jasol Grease ŁT 43 is immune to the action of water

Standards, specifications

NLGI: 3;
DIN 51 502: K3K-30


Jasol Grease ŁT 43

NLGI class 3
Worked penetration at 25°C, [0,1 mm] 235
Dropping point, [oC] 188
Oil separation from grease 100°C/24h, [%] 4,5
Weld load [daN] 160

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