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Low-freezing machine oil JASOVEL 9, 19

Low-freezing machine oil Jasovel 9,19 are designed for bathing and industrial lubrication of machine tools, textile machinery and other precision equipment components in accordance with the lubrication instruction.

Standards, specifications

PN-ISO 6743-1: 2009, cz.1 Grupa A
PN-ISO 6743-2:2009, cz.2 Grupa F 
PN ISO 3448: 2009
VG-6 (Jasovel 9)
VG-10 (Jasovel 19)


Jasovel 9 Jasovel 19

Kinematic viscosity at 20°C, [mm2/s] 10,2 /19,5
Kinematic viscosity at 40°C, [mm2/s] 6,0 /10,5
Viscosity Index – 90
Pour point, [oC] -42 /-35
Flash point [oC] 135 /145

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