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RevCut 20

Semi-synthetic concentrate for machining metal RevCut 20

Semi-synthetic concentrate for metal machining RevCut 20 is a truly universal, chlorine-free and biostable top quality fluid for cutting and grinding metals for heavy machining. The product was designed for machining steel, cast iron and aluminum alloys. RevCut 20 has been designed to maximize coolant operation time by using synergy between fluid components.

Recommended initial concentrations

– Milling, drilling, turning 5 % do 8 %
– Threading, reaming, cutting 8 % do 10 %
– Grinding 3 % do 6 %

RevCut 20 is a concentrate of semi-synthetic coolant for a wide range of treatments including cutting, drilling, reaming, milling, threading, rolling, turning and grinding. It is designed for machining a wide range of materials such as steels, aluminum and its alloys and cast iron. It can be used in both individual and central systems. RevCut 20 is the ideal solution in plants that prefer one type of fluid that gives a wide range of metalworking capabilities, which makes it a truly universal product in the plant.

  • Very good coolant resistance to bacterial infections, which allows for longer coolant operation.
  • Very good anti-corrosion properties
  • Provides a low level of oil mist
  • Very good washing properties
  • Product friendly for operators

Gęstość in 15 C kg/m3 1,009
Boiling point 100
pH concentrate 9,8
pH working 8,9 – 9,2
Coefficient of the refractometer 1,9


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